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100-V MOSFET offers wide safe operating area

Fabricated with Toshiba’s U-MOS X-H process, the 100-V TPH3R10AQM N-channel power MOSFET provides low on-resistance and an expanded safe operating area. The device has a maximum drain-source on-resistance of 3.1 mΩ, which is 16% lower than the company’s 100-V TPH3R70APL MOSFET built using an earlier generation process. Further, the safe operating area is 76% greater than the TPH3R70APL, making the TPH3R10AQM suitable for linear-mode operation.

According to Toshiba, minimizing on-resistance and expanding the linear operating range in the safe operating area reduce the number of parallel connections. The TPH3R10AQM has a channel temperature of 175°C, and its gate threshold voltage range of 2.5 V to 3.5 V makes it less likely to malfunction due to gate voltage noise.

The TPH3R10AQM power MOSFET can be used on the power lines of industrial equipment found in data centers and communication base stations. It is also useful for DC/DC converters and voltage regulators.

Housed in a 4.9×6.1-mm SOP Advance(N) package, the TPH3R10AQM is shipping now.

TPH3R10AQM product page

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage 

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