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AMPLIFIER CLASS D 2x15W – Open Electronics

By on May 5, 2023

Based on the PAM8610 chip, this small Class D stereo amplifier module is capable of delivering a maximum power of 10 watts into 8 ohms and 15 watts into 4 ohms. Power supply: 7 to 15 VDC (12 VDC recommended), idle consumption: 20 mA, efficiency: 90%, frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, dimensions (mm): 30x25x3, weight: 2 grams. Particularly suitable for use with small MP3 players.

N.B. power supply and speakers are not inclu

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Boris Landoni is the technical manager of Open-Electronics.org.
Skilled in the GSM field, embraces the Open Source philosophy and its projects are available to the community.

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