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Congatec Launches Ultra-Rugged Computer-on-Modules for Harsh Environments

In a significant development for embedded and edge computing technology, Congatec has introduced six cutting-edge computer-on-modules—specifically, the conga-TC675r COM Express Compact modules. Powered by the 13th Gen Intel Core processors, these modules are engineered to operate reliably in demanding environments, making them ideal for applications subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations. Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C, these modules ensure robust performance in harsh conditions.

Utilizing Intel’s Raptor Lake microarchitecture, the modules are strategically designed for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications, catering to both manned and unmanned rail and off-road vehicles. This includes a spectrum of applications such as mining, construction, agriculture, forestry, and various mobility scenarios beyond conventional road infrastructure.

Equipped with soldered random access memory (RAM), the modules adhere to the highest standards for shock and vibration resistance, meeting stringent railway standards. This makes them well-suited for stationary devices and outdoor applications, providing critical infrastructure protection against natural disasters like earthquakes.

Featuring up to 14 cores and 20 threads, supported by LPDDR5x memory, these modules deliver substantial parallel processing and multitasking capabilities while maintaining optimized power budgets. The soldered LPDDR5x memory incorporates in-band error code correction (IBECC), enhancing data integrity for mission-critical applications without necessitating specialized memory types.

The Intel processors boast a hybrid architecture, incorporating performance cores (P-cores) and efficient cores (E-cores) on a single chip. This integration results in an improved performance per watt ratio, contributing to reduced power costs over the modules’ lifespan. Additionally, the modules support Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Time Coordinated Computing (TCC), further enhancing their industrial-grade capabilities.

Congatec’s ecosystem for these modules includes efficient cooling solutions, optional conformal coating for added protection, evaluation carrier boards, and carrier board schematics. For edge computing scenarios, the modules can be equipped with a pre-evaluated real-time hypervisor from real-time systems, facilitating real-time operations without introducing latency.

To complement these advanced modules, Congatec offers additional services, encompassing shock and vibration testing for custom system designs, temperature screening, high-speed signal compliance testing, design-in services, and training sessions aimed at facilitating the utilization of their embedded computer technologies. This comprehensive suite positions Congatec as a key player in delivering robust solutions for mission-critical applications in challenging environments

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