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Current sensors cover DC to 5 MHz

Two wideband current sensors from Allegro, the ACS37030 and ACS37032, ensure efficiency and reliability in GaN and SiC FET power architectures. With an operating bandwidth of DC to 5 MHz, the devices are suitable for electrified vehicles, clean energy solutions, and data center applications.

The ACS37030 and ACS37032 offer current sensing ranges of ±20 A, ±40 A, and ±65 A, with a typical response time of 40 ns. Both devices employ dual signal paths. One path captures low-frequency and DC current using Hall-effect elements. The other path captures high-frequency current data through an inductive coil. These two paths are summed to enable sensing from DC to 5 MHz in a single device.

The current sensors achieve stable and safe control, while reducing EMI. Sensitivity error over temperature is ±2%. The properties of the inductive coil increase signal to noise ratio (SNR) as frequency increases, minimizing noise at the output. The ACS37030 provides a zero current reference output, while the ACS37032 offers an overcurrent fault output.

Housed in compact 6-pin SOIC packages, the sensors have a rated isolation voltage of 3500 VRMS and a basic working voltage of 840 VRMS. They operate over a temperature range of -40° to +150°C. To learn more about the ACS37030 and ACS37032 current sensors, click here.

Allegro MicroSystems

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