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DAC 2023, Day 3: ‘CHIPS Acts,’ RISC-V, More AI

In this video report, EE Times reporters Sally Ward-Foxton and Nitin Dahad discuss what they saw and heard at the third day of the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2023, in San Francisco.

You’ll learn what members of the RISC-V community at DAC told them. They also report on how company execs are viewing legislative efforts around the world to invest in new chip fabs (a.k.a. “CHIPS Acts”), as well as the recognition of semiconductors and their importance to society.

Of course, the third day of DAC included discussion of AI’s pervasiveness through every industry.

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Companies and organizations featured include Arteris IP, Agnisys, Codasip, Cornami, Siemens EDA, RISC-V International and OpenHW Group.

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