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Infineon Broadens ISOFACE Product Range with Quad-Channel Digital Isolators, Elevating Data Communication in Automotive and Industrial Sectors

In response to the escalating demand for resilient and efficient data communication solutions in contemporary electronic systems for automotive and industrial applications, Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled its latest addition to the ISOFACE product portfolio – the quad-channel digital isolators. This development signifies a strategic expansion of the company’s isolation technologies.

The ISOFACE quad-channel digital isolators are segmented into two categories. The ISOFACE 4DIRx4xxHA family, boasting AEC-Q100 qualification, targets automotive applications such as onboard chargers (OBC), battery management systems (BMS), inverters, and motor control. Meanwhile, the ISOFACE 4DIRx4xxH family, fully qualified according to JEDEC standards, caters to industrial applications, including renewables, servers, telecom, industrial switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), industrial automation, and isolated serial peripheral interface (SPI). These products are housed in a wide-body 300 mil PG-DSO-16 package, featuring four data channels to deliver enhanced isolation and ensure reliable data communications in challenging operational environments.

Operating within a supply voltage range of 2.7 to 6.5 V, the ISOFACE quad-channel digital isolators exhibit efficient low current consumption, capped at 1.6 mA per channel. This efficiency holds true even when operating at speeds up to 1 Mbps with a 3.3 V supply voltage and a 15 pF load capacitance. Infineon’s Coreless Transformer (CT) technology equips the isolators with high immunity against system noise, boasting a common mode transient immunity of a minimum of 100 kV/µs, and withstanding an isolation voltage of up to 5700 Vrms.

Designed for durability, the ISOFACE digital isolators are well-suited for challenging environments featuring extreme temperatures. For automotive applications, these isolators demonstrate effectiveness within Grade I ambient temperature conditions, enduring temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C. Their robust construction enables them to withstand various environmental challenges, including voltage transients, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic discharge (ESD), and electrical disturbances, ensuring dependable performance.

With precise timing performance attributed to low propagation delay and minimal channel-to-channel mismatch, the isolators mitigate the risk of data corruption, safeguarding data integrity. Their pin-to-pin compatibility enhances stability in power supplies, contributing to improved overall system reliability.

The ISOFACE quad-channel digital isolators excel in minimizing signal noise over a broad supply voltage range. Their precise timing performance and compatibility features make them ideal for high-power density designs. Additionally, component-level and system-level certifications simplify safety approvals, expediting time-to-market, and positioning the ISOFACE digital isolators as a valuable choice for robust and efficient electronic systems.

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