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Intel Accelerates AI Integration in the Automotive Industry with Strategic Moves and Open Standards

In a groundbreaking announcement, Intel Corporation reveals its comprehensive plan to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) into the automotive landscape, solidifying its commitment to the industry’s transformative shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). The company outlines its AI everywhere strategy and finalizes an acquisition deal with Silicon Mobility, a leading fabless silicon and software company specializing in Systems-on-Chips (SoCs) for intelligent electric vehicle energy management.

Key Developments:

  • Acquisition of Silicon Mobility: Intel acquires Silicon Mobility, aligning with sustainability goals and addressing critical energy management needs in the EV sector.
  • AI-Enhanced SoCs: Intel introduces a new family of AI-enhanced software-defined vehicle SoCs. Zeekr is the pioneering Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to adopt these chips for advanced generative AI-driven in-vehicle experiences.
  • Open UCIe-Based Chiplet Platform: Intel commits to deliver the industry’s first open Universal Chiplet Interface (UCIe)-based platform for Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) in collaboration with imec, ensuring rigorous quality and reliability for automotive applications.
  • Industry-Defining Standards: Intel takes the lead in chairing a new international standard for EV power management, emphasizing the company’s role in steering the industry towards sustainable and efficient electric vehicles.

Intel’s Whole Vehicle Approach:

Jack Weast, Vice President and General Manager of Intel Automotive emphasizes the company’s holistic strategy, stating, “Intel is taking a ‘whole vehicle’ approach to solving the industry’s biggest challenges. Driving innovative AI solutions across the vehicle platform will help the industry navigate the transformation to EVs.”

AI-Enhanced SDV SoCs Unveiled:

The new family of AI-enhanced SoCs from Intel addresses the critical need for power and performance scalability. These chips draw from Intel’s AI PC roadmap, enabling advanced in-vehicle AI use cases like driver and passenger monitoring. A live demo showcased the simultaneous operation of 12 advanced workloads, highlighting the potential for consolidating legacy electronic control unit (ECU) architecture for improved efficiency and scalability.

Zeekr Takes the Lead:

Intel’s SDV SoCs will debut in Geely’s Zeekr brand, making it the first OEM to leverage Intel’s latest technology. The collaboration ensures forward compatibility on Intel systems, allowing Zeekr to scale and upgrade services to meet evolving customer demands for next-gen experiences.

Open Standards for a Sustainable Future:

Intel collaborates with SAE International to establish a committee delivering an automotive standard for Vehicle Platform Power Management (J3311). Inspired by proven power management techniques, the new standard aims to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability across all EVs. The committee includes industry representation from Stellantis, HERE, and Monolithic Power Systems, with openness for additional industry participation.

This strategic leap by Intel signifies a pivotal moment in the automotive industry, where cutting-edge AI technology meets the growing demand for sustainable and intelligent electric vehicles.

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