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KUSAM-MECO: Rescue Hook

KUSAM-MECO has added a new product to their range of safety products. It is a RESCUE HOOK. It is suitable to save people from high voltage. The rescue hook is an invaluable tool to assist in the rescue of an injured worker from a hazardous area (near electrical gear, vaults, confined spaces etc). If a person receives a shock, the body should be pushed away with a dry stick or a rope.

The rescue hook is a vinyl dipped steel hook with a 15” opening mounted on an insulated fiberglass Pole. With superior electrical insulation, this hook is optimal for rescuing injured personnel from Arc Flash incidents & other hazardous situations. It is available for 11KV/ 33KV/ 66KV/ 132KV circuits. The Rods length is 3’ to 4’ 11”. The hook length is 31”.

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