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Memory module promotes CXL 2.0 adoption

Micron is sampling its CZ120 memory expansion module, which features a PCIe 5.0 x8 interface and supports the Compute Express Link (CXL) 2.0 standard. The CXL Type 3 module provides storage capacities of 128 Gbytes and 256 Gbytes in an EDSFF E3.S 2T form factor.

With a dual-channel memory architecture and Micron’s high-volume production DRAM process, the CZ120 achieves higher module capacity and increased bandwidth. The device has a read/write bandwidth of up to 36 Gbytes/s (measured by running MLC workload with 2:1 read/write ratio on a single CZ120 memory expansion module).

“Micron is advancing the adoption of CXL memory with this CZ120 sampling milestone to key customers,” commented Siva Makineni, vice president of the Micron Advanced Memory Systems Group. “We have been developing and testing our CZ120 memory expansion modules utilizing both Intel and AMD platforms capable of supporting the CXL standard. Our product innovation coupled with our collaborative efforts with the CXL ecosystem will enable faster acceptance of this new standard, as we work collectively to meet the ever-growing demands of data centers and their memory-intensive workloads.”

Qualified customers and partners can enroll in Micron’s Technology Enablement Program (TEP) to gain early access to technical information and support to aid in the development of CXL-enabled memory expansion products.

CZ120 product page

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