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Rohde & Schwarz Unveils Wi-Fi 7 Test Solutions for Seamless 5G Integration

Step into the future of wireless technology with Rohde & Schwarz’s latest innovation in Wi-Fi 7 test solutions, aimed at enhancing device development for ultra-high-definition video streaming, VR, AR, and beyond.

As the telecommunications landscape embraces the era of 5G technology, the integration of non-3GPP networks like public, home, and enterprise WLAN hotspots with the 5G core is of paramount importance. This integration paves the way for the future of smartphones and wireless devices, heavily reliant on advanced WLAN technologies such as Wi-Fi 7, promising greater power and efficiency but posing challenges of complexity.
Addressing these emerging needs, Rohde & Schwarz has unveiled its cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 test solutions. These solutions are tailored to tackle the growing test challenges associated with next-generation WLAN technologies and their coexistence with existing LTE and 5G standards. Equipped with Wi-Fi 7 testing capabilities, the multi-technology multi-channel signalling tester enables R&D engineers to streamline the testing process for wireless devices across both cellular and non-cellular standards, thus optimizing the development process.

Key features of these solutions include new Wi-Fi 7 capabilities, testing of RF TX/RX characteristics of WLAN devices under real conditions, support for Multi-Link-Operation (MLO), flexibility across multiple radio technologies for Wi-Fi 7-specific tests, and the ability to test WLAN offloading and Voice over WLAN for seamless service continuity and high-quality voice experiences over WLAN networks.

Wi-Fi 7, also known as IEEE 802.11be, marks a significant leap forward in WLAN technology, aimed at supporting extremely high data throughput for applications like ultra-high-definition video streaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality. With enhancements such as increased channel bandwidth (up to 320 MHz), up to 16 spatial streams, and advanced 4096 QAM modulation, Wi-Fi 7 sets the stage for the future of wireless connectivity.

Rohde & Schwarz’s Wi-Fi 7 test solutions are meticulously designed to meet these advanced specifications, underscoring the company’s commitment to supporting the evolution of WLAN technologies. Optimized for efficient RF measurements in non-signaling mode for device production, the tester supports a wide range of cellular and non-cellular technologies, including Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7, and 5G NR FR1, with bandwidth capabilities up to 500 MHz, positioning itself as a forward-looking solution for both R&D and production needs.

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